Sunday, July 24, 2005

A Seemingly Perfect Weekend

So, everything started out as a wonderful weekend. Friday night was full of fun, food and pool volleyball. We had the chance to spend time with friends, playing games and loving every minute of it. Saturday included work, homework, cleaning, and more volleyball. And then we went up to Santa Barbara and spent time with some close friends. It was wonderful. So, we end up at home and for some reason I take a moment out of the day to make a stupid choice and a horrible reaction to a situation, tainting the entire weekend. It is amazing to see how a stupid response can change some wonderful weekend. But, the potentially beautiful thing is the wondrous things repentance and apologies can do. I hope that my choices will not ruin the friendship with this beautiful person, and I can only hope this will not be a hinderance to everyone who was around at the time. This is, in face, my prayer. Well, I look forward to a new class, and I hope and pray that God will use it to further form and mold my mindset and ideas of ministry. Till the next time,


Friday, July 22, 2005

Starting Again

So, I think I will give this blogging thing one more try. I know the need for me to put down my thoughts every day, and I hope this will prove to be a useful way for me to journal to the world. I am finishing up another quarter at Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, and I am still a nit nervous in terms of where I am headed vocationally. Thankfully, Shannon has been able to find a job she loves down here, so we will definitely stick around in the area. I want to honor her new job and the desire she has to keep working there, hence I will look around when I am done.
Pasadena has been extremely good to us, and we have loved the friendships and couples we have met at church and our apartment complex. I know these are friendships we will need to keep in the future, which is something I am notoriously horrible at doing. It will be a real commitment on my part to maintain and continue to develop the wonderful relationships we have had with people in this area.

I hope we can continue to enjoy and cherish Pasadena throughout the time we are here. Well, thats it, I know its a lame post, but at least it is a start.