Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Fast Food Nation

I knew that I would eventually need to read this bestseller by Eric Schlosser. It was one of those books that I knew I should read, but that it would change the habits I had for eating out. Well, I must say that it was completely worth it. I need to read through the book again, but I was impressed with the overall picture that Schlosser paints historically, and by looking at all the different aspects of the industry. Schlosser looks at the overall dream and development of Carl's Jr. and McDonald's, while painting a picture of the different type of industry it is now. I will no longer eat at this larger chain fast food joints because of the treatment of employees, meat slaughtering practices, poor working conditions in the slaughter houses, and the chemical process in much of the food. I highly recommend this read, but beware of the change it might make in your eating.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Tri-Tip, the Fourth, and Fireworks over the Freeway

So, we went all out for the meal this fourth, preparing three 1.5lb tri-tips, marinated for three days in Johnnie D's Angus Steak Marinade. We pulled the tri-tips out an hour before cook time, patted it down, and coated it with Pecan Rub (recipe from the Ugly Brothers). We cooked it over hickory wood, slow smoked for 1.5 hours at 250-275 degrees. It was amazing, pink throughout from the smoke, and the entire meal was a success. Later, Shannon and I went for a quick walk, and we watched the fireworks while standing over the 210 freeway.

Full load of 100% charcoal in the BGE

The tri-tips were done in a v-rack in a roasting pan so it could be cooked with indirect heat.

Aaron and I enjoying the view in the BGE

Adding hickory to the 100% lump charcoal.

This is what the tri-tips looked like after being in the BGE for 1.25 hours at 250-275 degrees.

Here we are taking the tri-tips off after searing them for 8 minutes at 550 degrees.

Here is the grilled pineapple. Sprinkled with a little salt to bring out the flavor. This smelled amazing when you opened the Big Green Egg. It smelled like a dessert all on its own.

Here is one of the tri-tips sliced and looking nice and pink from the smoking process.

Here is the final product. Great tri-tip with sauted mushrooms, grilled pineapple, baked beans and cole-slaw. Aaron, the beans were amazing.