Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Family is Great to Have Around

Well, I find it harder and harder to share my thoughts on this blog. I am so tired of my short attention span generation. Anywho, my bro was in town this weekend, so we had a chance to hang out and spend some time together, especially playing some baseball on Xbox...which pretty much proved that we are equals at that game, but I still own everyone in my family when it comes to DDR. My sister came out on Sunday to do laundry and to hang out with all of us. That was a total blessing, and I hope she will continue to come out to do laundry because we loved having her over. Man that was fun. Finally, Shannon and I went to the Dodger game last night and cheered them on to victory. I find myself wanting to go to more and more games. Sadly, we miss our friends Heather and Aaron very much, and I find myself getting bummed at least once a day. Cooking meat on the Big Green Egg just isn't the same without Aaron by my side. I will post some pictures soon of our Oregon vacation and of the game on Monday.

Peace out

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