Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Catchers and Ptichers Report

I cannot wait for the Dodgers to start it up for Spring Training. We are fired up to offer some payback to the Padres and the Mets, and I can't wait to see it. February is such a dead month for sports. March will be great, you got the Madness and Spring Training.

Oh yeah!!!!


karin lewis said...

so how did march madness pan out? ohio state win it all? how did my wonderful illini team do?

happy easter, update your blog!!!

Tim Miller said...

Yeah, update your blog man.

Just kidding.
Miss you buddy. Can Holly and I stay with you guys whenever we come to town?
Blessings man!

ATF said...

February - a dead month for sports??? Two words...Daytona 500!

I agree, a new blog entry would be appreciated.

Tim Miller said...

Saying that February is a dead month for sports is like saying march is a really busy month for Kevin writing blog posts.