Friday, April 13, 2007

Nascar, I just don't understand you!

Okay, I will preface this post with the full confession that I grew up and still live in Southern California, so I doubt I could have any affinity for Nascar, but I still just don't understand. I mean I understand the fun of driving a car fast through tight turns, but you are watching someone else do that. Now, right there I thought I might have defeated my argument. One could look at my obsession for Baseball and the Dodgers and say, "Kevin, you go to games to enjoy the art and skill of the sport, not to do it yourself". Yes, this is true. However, I also get to leave the game, play in softball leagues, and on some level enjoy the same type of activity that I am so passionate about observing. When was the last time you took a car and drove it close to 200 mph for 500 laps? When was the last time you had a pit crew jack up your car, make the necessary adjustments, and then you took off into the race? Nope, you drive around in your VW and Ford, wishing you could do what they do, while I can partake in the pure form of the sport, enjoying what I do.

****Note: this rant is not in any way serious, and I do understand the Nascar passion (sort of).

***** Double Note: Tim, you brought this on yourself.


Allan Friesen said...

So, then, you would say that paralyzed people should not enjoy watching track, since they cannot "partake in the pure form of the sport."

The truth is quite clear, I think. You're just bitter toward NASCAR because you can't do what they get to do, so you've gone into denial.

NASCAR rules.

Kevin Lewis said...

Nascar has a "pure form"? I haven't even gone into the environmental concerns of burning that much fuel.

And yes, I would love to drive that fast in a controlled setting

Tim Miller said...

Just a note:
NASCAR is beginning to use unleaded fuel instead of we're on the right track. Just a bit behind.

Allan Friesen said...

Well, I admit the environmental thing is concerning; especially since you have these idiots who, inspired by NASCAR, go buy gas-guzzlers and try to imitate the real race car drivers during their daily commute.

Kevin Lewis said...

They have been using leaded this whole time. Holy crap! By the way Tim, the house looks great. Was that tile you put in, or some sort of laminate?

Tim Miller said...

Thanks! I didn't do laminate, it was already there. Just paint, and a new sink, toilet and cabnets for the bathroom. We might tile sometime, but I'm house-worked out for now.