Saturday, April 26, 2008


That's right folks. If the devil has a preferred shipping carrier, it is definitely DHL. We have used their service a total of two times. Each time we were unaware that they would be the service used, and each time I have wondered how a company with such poor customer service and polices can possibly stay in business.

Each time they have tried to deliver our packages at 10:30 on a weekday. They never buzz our neighbors, and they wonder why we aren't their to pick it up. This has to happen all the time to them if they are unwilling to buzz other neighbors or are not able to change the shipping address. Also, FedEx and UPS both have the ability to send out a notice to a driver that the person is home or to reship same day if they happen to be in the area, not DHL. And, to top this all off, someone tried to ship baby stuff to us. They called to have them ship on Saturday, which apparently is a big hassle, and they were told that WE would have to pay $15 for the Saturday shipment. Oh well, no major deal, and the person shipping it to us was going to reimburse us the cost. Except that when DHL came today, they charged us $15 per box. So, we had to shell out $30 for two boxes, one with baby bedding, and the other with diapers. That's right, we paid $15 to have a box of diapers delivered on a Saturday. Seems about right to me.

At least I can trust our capitalistic market to weed out a company with this kind of business practices.


ATF said...

Trust capitalistic markets to weed out bad business practices!!!??? I'm not so sure about this one Kevin. I think you may have had one too many oatmeal stouts. Starbucks seems to be doing fine while my beloved Java G's just went out of business. Explain that one to me!

P.S. I'm not bitter.

Kevin Lewis said...

Ah yes, the Starbucks argument. I would contend that Starbucks has made it possible for the little shop to thrive and survive, but it must take a lot of creative thinking, quality coffee, and an excellent atmosphere to withstand the beast.