Thursday, April 10, 2008

Total Embrarrasment

That's right...I am a total embarrassment to the blogging community. Well, I guess total is a little harsh, but when it comes to writing my own thoughts and publishing myself, I have royally stunk it up. What, the last post was over 7 months ago, man, that is really sad. I have a new goal. I want to at least write out or share some thoughts and moments at least once a week. If I do more, than great, but let's be realistic, I don't lead that exciting of a life.

I am smack dab in the middle of reading "Cannery Row". I love Steinbeck's writing. The vivid imagery and similes he comes up with make me laugh out loud while I am reading, which I am not afraid to do whether I am alone or in a room with Shannon.

Speaking of laughing out loud. I love taking walks around Pasadena while listening to NPR shows on the iPod. I wonder what it looks like to motorists when they see me laughing out loud on the sidewalk to one of the shows I frequent (This American Life, Wait, Wait, or Car Talk).

That reminds this digital age we live in, I am having trouble telling the crazies from the phone freaks that are attached to their blue tooth headsets. Back in the day, if someone was talking out loud at a cross walk, you kept your distance. Now I don't know if it is just their poor reception and inability to walk 20 feet without calling someone on the phone. And seriously, people, can we please hold the phone calls until after you are out of the check out line at Ralphs. Are we that oblivious to proper manners that we are willing to let someone ring us up without acknowledging their presence? It reminds me of the customers that came into the bank on their cell phones...they would toss the deposit at me and keep talking on the phone. I really wanted to just stare at them and wait until they were done, but then all the impatient people in line would get upset for waiting over two minutes.

That is all.


justice said...

And they say a watched blogger never blogs. I knew my patience would be rewarded. (-;

Good luck in your endeavor. One of me resolutions this year is to do the same, so maybe we can keep each other accountable.

It's good to have you back.

ATF said...

Yes! A new blog from Kevin! One a week is a good goal.

Zanzibar, my favorite coffee place here in Des Moines, has a sign posted at the register: "No cell phone conversations within 5 feet of this counter." I guess if you can't count on good manners you can legislate it.

Glad to hear from the deep recesses of your mind again.