Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Emotional Rollercoaster

It is funny to look back on this whole pregnancy process and to see the different stages of emotions we have gone through. At first it was fear and a bit of grieving for the lifestyle we were leaving behind. This is not to say we didn't want the baby, but it is just being honest with the first feelings I at least had in my mind. We were originally planning on waiting another 2 years, but you know what happens when you plan too much in life.

Then we moved on to the relative excitement with a lot of fear. How can this possibly work? Can we still live in this area? How will we take care of him?

Finally, we crossed the point this weekend where we are ready for the guy to get here. I can't wait to hold him in my arms, read to him, play with him, and eventually talk with him. I am looking forward to the "new normal" in our lives. It is strange to think that within two weeks we will experience something that will completely change us forever, but it still feels so surreal and distant. Yep, I know that pretty soon I will be changing diapers, feeding, and waking up at all hours...but I am not quite there mentally. I guess this is what people talk about when they say you are never completely ready to be a parent. All we can be is ready to surrender our plans and ideas of how we can control the situation to our loving and faithful God.


Sara said...


What a great post! Thanks for your honesty. We really are so excited for you and Shannon. You are special friends, and we can't wait to learn all we can about parenting from both of you.

~Sara (and Nate, too)

Heather said...

Kevin, it's nice to hear someone else being honest about the difficulties of parenting. I can tell you that the emotional rollercoaster keeps going but your closing thought is what will get you through. It is so true that you have to continually give everything to God and let Him be in control. I know that you will look back and see Him at work in an even bigger and more powerful way during this next season in life. We are so excited for you and know you will be awesome parents! Hopefully we'll all get to hang out sometime before he turns 2!!!!