Monday, November 28, 2005

Canon within the Canon...and a side of Idol

Tonight was one of those nights in my class where I felt a twinge of shame and conviction with the topic at hand. I realized with Dr. Goldingay's discussion that in so much of my faith and beliefs I have focused on one canon within the canon of the bible. Goldingay brought up the trend of nonviolence and peace that seems to be a buzz on our campus. I definitely have Anabaptist roots in my theology, but I need to realize that the call to non-violence and direct action is not the only focus of my faith. I need to deal with the uncomfortable passages of violence, wrath, and judgment, which I tend to disassociate with the call of the Gospel or the God I worship. It is amazing to see that God is a God who chooses to work within a world that has pain, suffering, and war all around it. Finally, it was interesting to hear the other examples of our idols, especially in relation to our set doctrines or worship experiences. We can begin to worship the way we feel or the fuzzy feelings we get at a church service. We place so much emphasis on the experiential aspect of things, that this can be our god in itself. I guess I am saying that I needed the reminder that God is not a doctrine or belief to come to fully know. I must treasure and worship in the midst of the mystery of who God is. Yes, there are some wonderful things I can know about God through the biblical drama as it unfolds in the relationship with Israel. I must bow down humbly to the infinite beauty and wonderful mystery that is our Lord, Amen to that.

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C. Wess Daniels said...

that's good kevin, I know I am guilty of the same.