Friday, November 11, 2005

True Offerings

I just finished reading Isaiah 58 for my class on Wednesday, and I am struck by the similarities of Israel and our modern churches. The prophet is called upon to make known the transgressions of the people. So, Yahweh brings it right to the people, revealing the hypocrisy of their offerings (Sabbath/fasting) in relation to the way they treat the oppressed and the poor around them. In the end God calls for the true "fasting" that he longs end the oppression, to break the yokes of bondage, and to share the bread with the hungry. I have been thinking of the discussion I had with Wess Daniels earlier, regarding the Communion table and how it was modeled for us in Christ. I truly want to find a way to share a common table with my neighbors, my family, my friends, the homeless, the stranger, and the outcast. I am wondering how that is possible in a world where I work full time, study in school, and typically come home exhausted. I am not making excuses, but I am looking for encouraging dialogue and for people to potentially express interest in doing the same thing. As of now, all I can do is pray for Abba to make this a possibility in the lives of those around me. I love the way God calls us to live a life that is beyond ourselves, to pick up our crosses and to follow him. If this life was about me, I would be utterly disappointed.


C. Wess Daniels said...

Kevin - I don't have any complete ideas on this or how to go about it, but I want to help talk about it, be apart of it, etc.

a second thing i wanted talk to you about is about you and i started a blog where we discuss buisness and people who are promoting good practices in and around LA. We can include the stuff you've already put up about Wal-mart, and my blue hen stuff. but we can also provide links, reviews, and dialogue about this stuff. I guess it could be a resource page for those who are interested. What do you think? If you're in I will create a page and invite you to join - if you can think of anyone else who is like minded on this topic we can have him/her join (a couple women would be good to help even the score). let me know what you think.

Kevin Lewis said...

Wess, what about Holly. She would probably want to do it.