Thursday, November 10, 2005

Ethics of Every Day Life

I am always amazed at the way we can compartmentalize our ethics of Jesus into only certain areas of our lives. I am sure I am guilty of acting loving in some situations instead of others, but if there is anything that working at Seminary has taught me, it is that there are many Christians who do not reflect Christ in their dealings with the departments and administration here at the Seminary. It is frustrating and sad to see how some have separated the way they act on a day to day basis from their discipleship with Christ. I hope this will spur me to embody the Gospel in a fuller and more meaningful way. I can already think of one way I blew it recently, and I need to ask for forgiveness. May God continue to meet us with patience and love as we live out this muddy life of discipleship.


C. Wess Daniels said...

Kev - I agree, this has been a hard experience for me too, especially because entitlement seems to be something exempt from the power of the Lord and his scrutiny. I have seen so many people, the "higher ups" that work from this ideal of entitlement - how less Christ-like can we be? I wonder how we get to this point, and how we get out of it as a people trying to serve Christ.

Kevin Lewis said...

Wess, Your point of entitlement is very true. Somehow this Western notion of entitlement has pervaded our culture and, in turn, our churches. We see it in lines at the movies, in church gatherings, at dinners out, and in TV programming where people claim to be Christians but look nothing like the Jesus I know. Maybe a lot of what is wrong with our notion of entitlement is the way our Constitution reads as we have the RIGHT to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. When did God's blessings and gifts in our lives become our right?