Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Long Day

Today has been an exceptionally long day. We are dealing with registration this week, and with those who put things off to the last minute. Needless to say, I am completely exhausted. It doesn't help that I feel as if my body is fighting off a nasty cold. I have that achy, weak feeling. I am hoping it is nothing more than the Santa Ana winds, combined with allergies, and with stress/lack of sleep. Let's hope that a long night of sleep will prove transformational. The thanksgiving holiday looks better and better as I look forward to some time away and a chance to relax. Of course, I will probably be doing some sort of homework that weekend, although it might be nice to vow a no homework weekend when we go away. The only way I could make that happen is if I feel well enough to work on my other paper this weekend. On a positive note, I am in the middle/end of a fantastic novel. Walter Kirn's, "Thumbsucker", has been a witty novel about a 1980's teenager who works through a distant family, oral fixations, and his own ritalin addiction. It is well written, and I already picked up another one of his books. Wess and I are in the process of designing a blog for business that practice ethical standards and work environments. But since Wess is probably the only one who reads this blog, I said this for no reason. Oh well, I hope to have some more insightful reflections later in the week. Right now I am just enjoying Green Day's "American Idiot" album; it rocks.


Ariel said...

Wess isn't the only one reading, my friend. (=

Kevin Lewis said...

Woo hoo, thanks for the encouragement.